It is in a small workshop in Trièves (south of France)  that magic comes to life.

I work in a traditional way, according to jewelry techniques used, for some, since antiquity.

Feeling very close to our Earth, I work in an ecological ethic. I have replaced toxic products with products that are more environmentally friendly or that do not require the use of harmful chemicals.

Craft work has, for me, an important value, it is a precious know-how that gives birth to art. Therefore, I bring special care to my finishing touches, which reflects the involvement I put into my work.

Choosing a Keltlune jewel is inheriting a piece brought to life with patience and passion.


Why Bronze?


I chose to work bronze, not only for ethical reasons but also for its reflections of nature's colors.

The bronze is flamboyant when polished, while displaying colors of mystery.

Then time passes and it burnishes, becoming darker, more chtonian.


It is for me a metal full of magic and mysticism.




Bronze Care


Bronze polishes over time.

If you want it to keep its shine, avoid wetting it. You can also brush it from time to time with toothpaste.


Leather Care


Leather is sensitive to water. Avoid any stain


You can also harden it with waxes.